Quest de equipo de Eden Group

Instructor Boya (Level 12 - 60)

Eden Group Equipment Quests are available for players from level 11 up to 100. They reward with a special set of Eden Group Equipment, including Hat, Armor, Weapon, Garment, and Footgear. These equipment are much better compared to equipment of similar level, however, they have no slot and cannot be refined. Regardless, they may be considered top-tier equipment for players below level 100.


The first Equipment Quests are given by Instructor Boya. To begin, talk to the NPC and select Participate in Training. Depending on what level you are, she will direct you to an NPC located somewhere in Midgard.

When you find the NPC, they will instruct you to kill a certain amount of monsters in the area. Return to them after you finished killing the monster, and at the end they will ask you to return to Instructor Boya to claim your rewards.

Below is a list of NPCs and quests categorised by level.

5.png Eden Group Hat
6.png Eden group Uniform I
7.png Eden group Manteau
8.png Eden Group Boots I
9.png Eden Group Uniform II
10.png Eden Group Boots II
11.png Eden Group Uniform III
12.png Eden Group Boots III
13.png Eden Sabre I
14.png Eden Slayer I
15.png Eden Mace I
16.png Eden Dagger I
17.png Eden Staff I
18.png Eden Bow I
19.png Eden Revolver I
20.png Eden Sabre II
21.png Eden Slayer II
22.png Eden Mace II
23.png Eden Dagger II
24.png Eden Staff II
25.png Eden Bow II
26.png Eden Revolver II

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